We love to entertain at home, as you will know if you’ve seen our recent posts about our dining room, but who hasn’t had that unexpected guest turn up at the last minute – or even an expected guest who tips your max number of bums-on-seats at the dinner table over the edge. The Narin folding Chair by David Irwin for Case Furniture is a simple beast at first glance. But it packs a punch in terms of form and function.

When we were approached by Case Furniture, a brand that we have loved for years but never quite got round to working with, we must confess to being somewhat surprised at the piece of furniture that they wanted to share with us. A humble folding chair. But on further inspection (and after extensive use with our young nephews at a recent family dinner we held) we have found it to be an indispensible item of furniture that we never knew we needed until we had one.