Synergy is a wonderful thing. Are kitchens at the forefront of the interiors scene right now or is it just us. Totally having that thing right now, you know when you are thinking about something (brass lighting for example) and suddenly you are seeing it everywhere. Is that just because it’s on your mind or is it fair to say that everyone is becoming increasingly obsessed with the importance of the kitchen.

For so long, tv property shows have told us that kitchens sell houses, well now it’s time to live in kitchens that make our lives better rather than just thinking about resale. Kitchens have evolved into more than the heart of the home. They are the focus of our lives as we become more concerned with eating healthily and working from home (many a business empire has been launched from the humble kitchen table), quality family time and relaxed entertaining for mates.

So we are focussing our energies, around our work projects, on designing and installing our dream kitchen (whatever that means) in our Design House and we wanted to share our initial ideas with you to see what you think. Still not quite ready to press go on the install, but it is tantalisingly close now.