For a while now, we have wanted more storage in our bedroom. We had been sentimentally holding on to a vintage linen cupboard that has been with us for years but that is now in the guest bedroom as it was beautiful, but not so practical for everyday use. So when we were approached by Tylko to check out their new Type 02 shelving in some of our signature colours, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. It can be hard to find the right storage in a victorian property with odd shaped alcoves and this collection offers the flexibility of made to measure without any hassle. Just put in your measurements, pick a configuration that give you the maximum/best storage for your space and place the order to be delivered. Then you just have to watch Marie Kondo on repeat and get ready to put your most joyful things on display and in the drawers (everything visible of when you open it, of course) when it arrives.