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Winter Styling
Our take on winter styling as our house became the backdrop for brands that we love, showcasing beautiful carpets, tiles and limewash paints, with a touch of fairytale grandeur.

We were hired to showcase luxury brands in this winter styling shoot, located in our design house. The large rooms lent themselves to a grand theme with a subtle winter touch in the foliage and colour palettes.

The carpets by Brintons (in collaboration with Timorous Beasties) create a feeling of luxury, with bold pattern choices in stark contrast with the bare plaster walls and old peeling wallaper.

The stunning hand-glazed tiles and deep blue limewash paint from Bert & May give the bedroom/bathroom a geometric lift with a bloomsbury group edge.

The interstellar art works, paired with the Zuzanaga pixelated fabric panel at the window, give a futuristic vibe in the starkly stripped bedroom. All art works came from Accessories and lighting were our own.

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