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London Pride
A Brutalist one-bedroom apartment in the heart of central london.

The brief here was to have an elegant space with lots of natural light and an ‘instagramable’ kitchen.

Our concept for this interior was influenced by our passion for italian design and, whilst many of the design elements are british, the overall feel is quite milanese. It’s a considered mix of urban luxe, with a shaker kitchen (perhaps not the most expected move for this type of building), Herringbone flooring, brass hardware, layers of textural fabrics, from modest broad weave linen to luxury mohair velvet.

The brutalist building itself influenced the scheme too, with grey becoming a big part of the colour palette, softened with sage greens to add a level of elegance and reference the homeowners love of nature and cooking. The brutalist influence also gets a nod with the use of cast aluminium ‘Bulk’ lights throughout. These ground the interior in its architectural setting. The use of a curtain wall – floor to ceiling, wall to wall – connects the living/dining spaces, softening the space and making the small window in the living room seem much larger.

There is a wonderful journey through the space that feels defined and zoned, whilst flowing as a whole. Each part of the property now has its own atmosphere – we think atmosphere is so important in a home.

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