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London Pride
A Brutalist one-bedroom apartment in the heart of central london. Small, but perfectly formed. (As seen in Elle Decoration)

As seen in Elle Decoration

The brief here was to have an elegant space with lots of natural light and an ‘instagramable’ kitchen. We also needed to banish past memories of the space for the client and create a new environment for personal growth. From the beginning of the project we knew that this would require a complete renovation of the space to maximise the natural light.

We proposed a bold new internal layout, removing several internal walls to create an open plan living/dining/kitchen space. The original kitchen was very small and not an inspiring space at all so we made this a priority, bringing it out into the main lounge space and removing the existing wall between the bedroom and lounge to create a larger living space. The old kitchen space then became a minimalist ‘pod’ bedroom, better reflecting the lifestyle of the homeowner, creating a calming nook of a bedroom with pocket door and built in storage, with luxurious grey mohair velvet upholstered wall at the bed head. The bed itself is sunk into the raised floor of the bedroom and the sizable window keeps the room light and bright. It has a japanese feel to it.

Our design for this interior was also heavily influenced by our passion for italian design and, whilst many of the design elements are british, the overall feel is quite milanese. It’s a considered mix of urban luxe, with a shaker kitchen (perhaps not the most expected move for this type of building), Herringbone flooring, brass hardware, layers of textural fabrics, from modest broad weave linen to luxury mohair velvet.

The building itself, a brutalist concrete block, had a big influence on our design too, with grey becoming a big part of the colour palette, softened with sage greens to add a level of elegance and reference the homeowners love of nature and cooking. The brutalist influence also gets a nod with the use of cast aluminium ‘Bulk’ lights throughout. These ground the interior in its architectural setting.

By installing pocket doors to the bedroom and bathroom was maximised the space and added a wall of sliding mirrored doors in the hallway, in smoked glass, to bounce some light into the dark hallway and give an illusion of more space. We took this idea to the next level by mirroring the inside of one of these cupboards in the hallway with a chest of drawers on the lower half and spectacular pendant lights to create an unexpected luxury vanity area that makes the hallway look twice as long when open. It’s a nice surprise.

We also designed a brass clad opening between the entrance hall and the main living space. It’s a moment of extravagance in a modest space that elevates the whole interior. It’s definitely one of our favourite elements in the design and it came to us halfway through the project. Sometimes the best things come in the moment and it’s important to leave a little flexibility in a budget and design scheme to accommodate some last minute moments of inspiration.

We chose to use a luxury vinyl flooring in a parquet design to allow us to use one flooring throughout all of the spaces with no thresholds on the floor between the rooms. This helps with the flow of the spaces. In general, we have designed this space with a limited colour palette and choice of materials to help make the most of the space.

The use of a curtain wall – floor to ceiling, wall to wall – connects the living/dining spaces, softening the space and making the small window in the living room seem much larger.

There is a wonderful journey through the space that feels defined and zoned, whilst flowing as a whole. Each part of the property now has its own atmosphere – we think atmosphere is so important in a home.

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