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2LG x Savernake
Combining our love of new materials with our passion for cooking
— Russell and Jordan

A collection for your kitchen, designed and handmade in collaboration with Savernake, the progressive knifemakers.

Available to order here.

Savernake believe in openness and getting their incredibly crafted pieces into the hands of every passionate cook they can. We loved their bravery and open approach so the design process has been incredible.

Our design combines bold shapes with strong colour and material choices. The combinations of materials are beautiful and functional, with recycled plastic, post-industrial composite waste and compressed paper making the knife handles, display boards and chopping surfaces in this collection of 3 knives and 3 boards.

They can be wall mounted with a hook to hold the boards when not in use and a magnetic strip to safely store the knives, giving a great display in your kitchen at the same time.

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