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You Can Sit With Us – London Design Fair 2023
Showcasing new designs and providing a platform for others to come together and celebrate design identities with this ambitious installation.
— Russell

21st – 24th Sept 2023, Truman Brewery, Shoreditch, London, UK

A concept space by 2LG Studio for London Design Fair 2023, with inclusivity and identity at its heart. Designed to let you feel there is a seat for you at the table.

When 2LG began their careers as designers 10 years ago, finding their place in the wonderful design community was not without its challenges. Now they want to provide a platform for others to come together and celebrate design with this installation all about what it means to have a seat, whether that be in 2LG’s lounge or at their table.

Jordan and Russell from 2LG present a series of new products designed in collaboration with Custhom, Granite & Smoke, Sheyn and L.Ercolani.

Re-imagining their existing connections in the design world or working with waste materials to create something fresh for 2023. This curation of pieces by friends of 2LG, old and new, showcases a selection of new designers in one half of the space, invited to bring their unique voices together around a large table, by Smile Plastics that uses waste tinsel in the surface. Each creating a dining chair to represent their identity.

Taking a seat at the table are a group of designers from varied disciplines, working with a variety of materials. From waste fashion materials to wood work, to paper pulp. The complex and beautiful interactions of these pieces are the focus of the installation. The chosen designers are:

Helen Kirkum

Amechi Mandi

Sam Klemick

Divine Southgate Smith

Bence Magyarlaki

Anna Marie Ofstedal Eng

Wilkinson & Rivera

Net Warner

Fabio Hendry – Hot Wire Extensions

Rob Parker – Byard Works

Annie Strachan – Pulp Sculptuur

Blake C. Joshua

Benjamin Motoc

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