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The Edge Collection – 2LG x Sheyn
"A fated collaboration that celebrates the true spirit of queer creativity."
— Russell and Jordan

Crossing borders and breaking boundaries, this series of 3D printed designs embodies the essence of queerness and intimacy. This new collection, available to order here, came out of a meeting in Vienna between the Austrian based Sheyn and London based 2LG. By dissolving the walls between form and function, these 3 new vase designs become more than just decorative pieces — they are unapologetic embodiments of inclusivity, acceptance, and belonging.

When the 4 designers met their Queer artistry was unlocked and a playful conversation about how we express ourselves in our homes began. Through these conversations and sketches a common design language formed, resulting in the Edge collection.

Unapologetically phallic, the complex curves of this design are undeniable and irresistible. A fresh take on a staple form in art and design history, this ‘bulbous’ vase is a playful statement piece for your home.

“Ribbed for your pleasure”

This organic wonder doesn’t need to beg for your love – It’s soft shape just fits. Small but perfectly formed, it is a genderless vase that looks to the future.

“Reach out and touch me”


A shared language unleashed, this vase is an extension of an existing form, familiar yet oh so extra. Begging to be filled with flowers, a droopy tulip draped over the flared rim is a thing of beauty, but this vase doesn’t discriminate – it loves all blooms equally.

“Are you plain, patterned or random? ”
Make your choice and allow the machine to print your perfect Flare vase to order. This new technology, utilises all parts of the filaments to minimise waste of each hue and create a randomly printed balance of colours.

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