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The Lovely Collection with Maitland & Poate
A new series of handmade tiles in 2LG's signature style to add colour and texture to any interior.

A new collection of tiles showcasing the playful designs and colourways of 2LG Studio. We worked alongside Maitland & Poate to produce a curated colour palette, complementing these striking large-scale motifs.

Available to order direct from Maitland and Poate. 

All designs available in all colours (Pink, Camel, Blue, Stone, Deep Green and Grass) upon request.

1. Graphic Moire
Graphic Moire is based on 2LG’s passion for Italian design. This classic moire motif references rich watermarked silk and has been brought up to date with strong graphic lines. In an intricate making process, this tile design has 3 iterations, to be used in an organic mix creating a graphic patchwork of moire texture.

2. Wiggle
Inspired by the hand painted motif around the doors of 2LG’s own studio space; Wiggle is a rebellion against the norm. Intended to give confidence to express yourself and draw outside the lines. This design allows you to create a large border for any space with complimentary plains in the centre, or a series of bold head-turning Wiggle stripes.

3. Love
This heart motif is a playful nod to the love that 2LG want to share in their work, and the love they want everyone to have in their space. Use across a whole space or a single tile motif in the corner of any room. Think of the Love tile as a wonderful touch of whimsy – a tattoo for your room.

4. Cake
2LG have taken that classic checkerboard and made it good enough to eat. Placing it within a single tile, Cake gives the opportunity to devise many configurations of patterns. The Pink and Camel colour choice references old school Battenburg, whilst the other colour combinations provide endless laying options.

5. Ombre
The Ombre design came out of discussions about the actual process of making each tile. It’s what comes when the freedom to experiment is encouraged. Ombre can be laid to create undulating large-scale stripes with soft edges, or to produce a wonderful patchwork of soft colours when laid organically in different directions. Each tile is unique.

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