At the launch of the new Lightbulb/Light-fitting hybrid that is going to change the way you live (especially if you are renting or have that bare flex hanging aimlessly waiting for a fitting but you never get round to booking that electrician) we got talking to the designer, Tim Rundle. Not only was the apartment the most stunning example of scandi urban luxury, kitted out in all the latest and most beautiful pieces from Menu (a design brand you need to know about because they are coming into their own right about now) but we were also struck with what a lovely and generous man Tim was. He has designed a light bulb that can screw into a standard bulb fitting and is a light fitting in its own right. A very beautiful one at that. A simple orb of diffused light that would make any room better.

Here is our quickfire interview with Tim, giving you insider info on his process and why he thinks we are always learning. We couldn’t agree more.