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The Stanley Table
An experimental bespoke design that is now available on a commission basis.
— Jordan and Russell

Featured in Wrap Magazine and on Sight Unseen

Designed in collaboration with jesmonite artist, Olivia Aspinal, this dining table is a showpiece.

We wanted to create a piece that would pull together the elements of our Kitchen renovation, combining green and pink in a pill shaped table on pillar legs, made entirely from concrete and resin in the UK at Olivia Aspinal’s studio.

The name comes from the film make, Stanley Kubrick, who inspired us to disrupt the norm with this piece.

Each marbled slab is individually made and contains polished brass within the marbling. They are then laid in the mould and cast into the table top. It is available now to order and we welcome any bespoke commissions for the surface design we created with Olivia for other projects.

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