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Luxury Loft Living
Why shouldn't industrial loft spaces feel layered and luxe? 

West coast vibes meet King’s Road casual chic in a luxury loft apartment (in Hackney). That’s where we decided to go with this one when Oka Home approached us to style this space (a set designed by us) with their new collection.

We wanted to take Oka luxury and shake it up with an urban setting. Why shouldn’t industrial loft spaces feel layered and luxe?

It was a fun brief and we had fun with it by adding our signature stripes, a motif we have used in many of our projects and one that we can’t resist coming back to as it is so classic and versatile.

The fine-framed black crittal window gives the space epic light and grounds the more playful colours. We particularly love the oversized Malachite lamps, symmetrically framing the ornate coloured glass mirror.

Photography by Nick Pope.

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