This episode we filmed in Wokingham in a lovely house that felt reminiscent of the homes we grew up in as children, back when we used to watch Changing Rooms. Wonderful to have this full circle moment, filming this episode, the last in the current series, after we were taken down by Covid earlier in the shoot.

Our design this week takes inspiration from the industrial heritage of the town of Wokingham. We researched the area and found a rich history of a Bell foundry, brick making and silk factories. There was also a lovely story about one of the first Electric Theatres, an early cinema, in the heart of the town, a building that still stands today, though not as a cinema. So we wanted to bring those elements into the narrative of our design, whilst serving the functional needs of the family who live in the space. Updating the industrial heritage to modern day, took us down a sustainable route to new industry in Britain and we included the most sustainable sofa in the uk. Habbio sofas are not only beautifully designed – the deco style of the sofa we chose for this was perfect for the Electric Theatre theme – but they are also made to order in the UK using recycled materials. So good to take the industrial heritage thread all the way through here to present day.