A room inspired by the art, spirituality and rich heritage of the homeowner. This episode of Changing rooms for Channel 4 was perhaps our most challenging to date. An emotional rollercoaster with some giant hurdles, but by the end we were so proud of what we designed.

The unexpected and hugely frustrating hurdle turned out to be Covid, as we tested positive before we began filming and had to do this one remotely, from our own home studio. It was not how we wanted it to go (tears were shed before we even began), but the health and safety of the whole team has to come first, and as difficult as it was to not be there for our design to be installed, we were also incredibly grateful for the love we felt during the making of it as the team pulled together and made it happen. The lovely Whinnie Williams, our newest Changing Rooms family member, stepped in on location to be our eyes on the ground and we ‘whats-apped’ throughout to get the design across the line in time.