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Tanner Street Warehouse
A creative dog lover's quarters.
— Jordan and Russell

The brief for this space, within pop-up design experience called DreamHouzz, was challenging but so much fun. A creative professional couple working in east London who love to travel. Design is important to them and they have a spare room for dressing so this space is their sanctuary. They love animals and have a mini dachshund who shares their bed with them. They lead busy lives and wanted a vibrant bedroom to set them up for their day. They love to read with a drink to relax, away from their phones or TV. This is a non tech zone.

The Wallpaper is a witty nod to their beloved animal companion. Touching on the line drawing trend that is having a big moment. The arches of the bed nod to their love of European design and adds a soft line to the industrial setting of their home. The space showcases modernist aspects of design and has vibrant colour to match the energy and open mindedness of the clients. The Wallpaper adds a witty edge to show that the couple don’t take themselves too seriously

The space is quite long but we zoned it to make a bold statement of the bed by the window and give space for a breakout chill space, for reading with a nightcap before bed. The biggest challenge, as always in our work as interior designers, was staying true to the strong architectural roots of the space, whilst allowing the clients personalities to shine. The organic curves of the sofa perfectly balance the hard industrial elements of the setting. It’s large size gives a luxurious hotel feel to the space. Perfect for relaxing before bed with your partner or on a Sunday morning with a flat white.

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