As we continue on our course of mindful living this year (time to look after ourselves as well as our work), we were asked by Denby Pottery, that well known family fav, to take a look at their new Studio Blue collection and see if we could style it for them. We have a small obsession with ceramics and blue is our go to favourite colour (when we aren’t going pink) so this was love at first sight for us. Each one is unique and the focus is on bowls, lots of them, big and small, in varying shades with a slight speckle on the surface. Delicious and so easy to love. Someone once told us (I think it was our lovely ceramic artist friend, William Martin) that blue and white ceramics are the most sought after al over the world – hardly surprising since it is such an effortlessly classic combo. We have also found out, from the lovely Denby team, that apparently we are increasingly picking up bowls to have a relaxed hearty dining experience. Have to say, we are with them on that. We love to make a huge bowl of something delicious to share with friends and family. Plates still have a place with us (on Sundays mainly for some bizarre reason – a big cooked breakfast would be a little odd in a bowl) but bowls are an everyday go to for a home cooked lunch in the studio for sure.

Here is our take on the Studio Blue collection for you to enjoy. Along with plenty of tips on creating a mindful kitchen in your own home.