When designing homes to be lived in, the life of the family taking on the renovation can sometimes take projects in unexpected directions and it is our job to help them through that. Living in a renovation project ourselves we know that have some part of the project finished to retreat to is incredibly important. This is a sneak peek of an unfinished project at a unique stage. This couple took on the complete renovation of a victorian house in North London before they knew they would be having a baby and so the clock was ticking (we didn’t even have time to iron the bedlinen – please forgive us) to make the space, or more specifically ‘a space’, habitable and comfortable for the new arrival.

This meant we decided with our couple to implement phases in the project. Creating a master suite of bedroom, walk -through wardrobe and ensuite, giving them a sanctuary of calm and cleanness as the rest of the project goes on hold for a moment while they find their feet as new parents.  We always try to be adaptable to these changes, especially when the baby arrives 3 weeks early, and cannot wait to get to the next phase – a loft conversion and ground floor kitchen extension with full re-design and re-decoration of the existing spaces. That can wait though, as for now you, and they, can enjoy the early phase of this project – Our client’s renovation haven.