As we saw on the show, our aim for the room we designed in Fareham was to take it from Bungalow to Bungal-whoah. Challenging ourselves to work with lime green (or citrus yellow as it is referred to on the show) to re-define that most 90’s of colours for new eyes. It certainly gave us a new passion for the colour and paired with the deep forest green and pale stone, it was a striking contrast.

The room had to be a music room, movie room, and gin bar, but when we arrived it was struggling with a lot of wiring on show, a difficult layout and the TV in a very prominent position that took over the room. This was not helped by the fact the room has doors on 2 sides, making it feel like a corridor. We addressed this with a new layout, helping the tv to recede and making the room feel more spacious. The curtain wall across the doors to the conservatory also helped to stop the space from feeling like a corridor and allowing flexibility of having the curtains fully drawn for a cosy night in or open to bring connection to the garden. The garden loving homeowners also wanted the room to feel more connected to their beautiful outdoor space, so the colour palette and natural materials we chose brought this into the new identity of the space.