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Standring Rise
A fresh take on the family home, designed with a Scandi Industrial vibe.
— Russell and Jordan

A departure for us, working on this 60’s built property has been a joy, giving new life to a young family with a ‘Broken Plan’ spatial layout. The archway to the kitchen hits a perfect note right now and we added personality with this hand applied decorative washi tape in bold, area defining, diagonals.

The curtains soften the look and nod to the retro architecture, whilst the large corner sofa creates a snug for all the family to watch movies or to entertain in the summer. The vintage sideboard, with its new green coat, gives the space a feeling of home with a strong identity and the kitchen itself is an affordable high street option, given edge with black handles.

The herringbone design of the floor brings it all together to unite the different functions of the space with no thresholds breaking that connection right up to the front door.

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