This year at LDF feels a little like a ‘greatest hits’ for us. Some of our absolute favs, designers we have been passionately following for years, are coming into their own and getting a big spotlight shone on them this year. You may even spot us at an number of venues this year, giving it all we’ve got to make this a vintage year for LDF.

If last year was about brexit and darkness (with a craft and fashion crossover), then this year will be something very different indeed, as we all feel the need to move on with a positive outlook. We are predicting a show about escapism, futurism, fabulousness and play as LDF takes you through a series of portals to what the world might be like if Design has anything to do with it.

It’s bigger than ever (isn’t it always?!) and you will need black coffee and comfy shoes to even attempt to see it all, so we’ve put together our top ten events to make your choice a little easier. Here are the things we think you need to see and the names that you need to be watching because they are going to be mega.