Here is our ‘top ten’ of the installations that are not to be missed in Milan. Having gained the blisters and the awe-factor over the past 5 years, we will be updating you again this year with the latest trends in the design world direct from Milan as guests of Salone Del Mobile, but here are some of our top tip offs ahead of the show. Whether you are going and looking for the top things to see or if you can’t be there and are excited to see the latest, we have you covered.

Futurism began in Italy, the art and social movement launched by Marinetti in 1909 with his Futurist Manifesto, and so it is entirely appropriate that a new revolution is happening this year in Milan at the world’s largest design festival. Designers are going to be looking at ‘why’ more intensely than the ‘what’ this year as we try to make a better future. Sustainability and Veganism and Energy saving will all get attention, but against the backdrop (and standing on the shoulders of) Old Milan. The throughline of the most particular pink shades that feel so Milanese are tying the threads together this year more than ever. Deep blush pinks to terracottas have been news before but there is a new romance and affection to them this year. Saying, “yes, we want to look forward”, but we appreciate what we have and what has gone before.

Take a look at our top ten must sees and it will start to make more sense: