British Icon, world class craftsmanship and now an amazing day out with luxury interior in the tea rooms and a museum, factory visit and the chance to have a go at getting your hands covered in the finest clay. If you think you know everything there is to know about Wedgewood?…Think again as we go behind the scenes.

Having been invited to take a tour of the new World of Wedgwood, we had an amazing day out and left feeling so full of admiration, not only for the new team who have saved this classic design brand from the brink and given it new life, but also for the man himself, Josiah Wedgwood. We have such respect for his perspective on ethics and craft and equality. He was a new man in so many ways and he really paved the way for the modern way of life we know. What a national treasure and how wonderful that his legacy is now being given such a boost on the global stage.