Having been fellow Forest Hill dwellers and friends now for around 3 years, we wanted to take some time to share the work of a great northern bloke, Richy Almond, the man behind Novocastrian and one half of design studio, Lind+Almond.

Their newly launched interior for Hotel Sanders in Copenhagen is an artisan dream that relies on nothing but quality craftsmanship and you can now buy the furniture pieces designed for the Hotel direct from them. They also have a new range from Novocastrian, using their signature patinated brass and rare british marble. Look out for some of his furniture in one of our new interior projects coming out later this year.

We love Richy’s refined take on metalwork, a new industrial look that is full of inspiration, with raw materials as the star of his work. He is also a great beer drinker and a real charmer. We hope you will love him as much as we do.